Stay connected without roaming fees! on

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  • A shared mobile internet plan 100% Data for France,Switzerland, the 28 countries of EU + DOM + Turkey + Russia
  • A single, triple format SIM card
    (standard, nano and micro)
  • Commitment-free
from €9.99 /month *
€11.99 /month

or CHF11 /month **
CHF13.49 /month
* 3 months exclusively then €11.99/month
** 3 months exclusively then CHF13,49 /month

Tariffs in € with the 20% French VAT included. VAT of your invoicing country will be charged.
Tariffs in CHF with the 8% Swiss VAT included. VAT of your invoicing country will be charged.

For over 15 years as an international mobile communications specialist, Transatel Mobile has been offering attractive mobile and mobile internet plans for corporate or independent cross-border commuters and frequent travelers. Transatel Mobileʼs plan for France-Belgium helped establish their title as benchmark operator for border dwellers. These frontierplans help commuters use their mobile cellphone or connect to the internet,regardless of which side of the border theyʼre on. Transatel Mobile also caters to frequent travelers with plans adjusted to their lifestyle. These international plans include calls to 28 destinations in addition to the 28 European countries already included. Transatel Mobile also offers data SIM cards and Mobile Internet plans dedicated not only to cross-border commuters and frequent travelers, but also for companies who are looking for connectivity solutions as part of their operations.

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