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What is roaming?

Roaming is what happens when you call or inversely when you receive a call whilst within another country. For people travelling frequently between different countries, roaming can result in additional costs which amount to a large proportion of their mobile bills. This is due to the high prices charged for roaming calls and also because customers need to pay to receive calls and to check their voicemail whilst using roaming services.

Concerning Transatel

What is Transatel Mobile ?

Transatel is a Pan-European company created in 2000 by Jacques Bonifay and Bertrand Salomon that has positioned itself successfully on the MVNO market in Europe.


Transatel has established itself on the European market as:

An MVNO in France, Belgium and Luxembourg
An MVNE (MVNO enabler) under its offer Transatel Solutions. It provides high quality techniques and services to mobile operators.
An MVNA (MVNO Agregator) under its offer Transatel Solutions. It provides functional, turnkey solutions for MVNOs.
An M2M specialist through the use of its MVNE infrastructure serving operators, MVNOs and customers.


Under its MVNO offer Transatel Mobile, Transatel has fought for 10 years against the astronomical roaming costs that plague the mobile bills of frequent travelers and border dwellers. Through its subsidiaries and branches, Transatel proposes solutions to French, Belgian; Luxembourg and Swiss residents.


As a European mobile operator, Transatel Mobile clients can now make calls and texts anywhere in the European Union without having to worry about the subsequent ‘out of package' roaming charges.


For whom is Transatel Mobile targeted at?

Transatel Mobile has been especially designed for frequent travelers and border dwellers, who use their mobile phones regularly in France or Belgium and also in all of the European Union.


Transatel Mobile is designed for both individuals and companies - no matter what size.


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What are the General Terms of Sale ?

The Transatel services

Can I access the internet from my Transatel Mobile smartphone?

To connect to the internet you must have a mobile internet package tied to your subscription. You subscribe or un-subscribe to a mobile internet package by contacting our customer services.


The APN internet settings to configure your phone are as follows:

APN Name: netgprs.com
Username: tsl
Password: tsl



What is online voicemail?

Transatel Mobile's online voicemail allows you to retrieve voice messages left in your mailbox not only from your mobile, but from any other phone (landline or mobile) and from your online account called ‘My Transatel'. You can also select an option to receive these messages directly to your email.

Is online voicemail useful for me?

Online voicemail allows you to manage your voicemail account with ease. If you have an Internet connection, you can use the user-friendly interface to listen to or delete you messages and you can download them onto your hard drive.

In which countries can I access Online Voicemail?

Online voicemail is accessible from anywhere in the world that you can get an internet connection from.

What are the charges for using Online Voicemail?

Access to voicemail from your mobile phone is free in the countries where you have a line activated. If you call from another country you will be charged at the standard roaming tariffs. It is always free if you access online voicemail via the Internet, no matter where you are.


Can I keep my existing mobile phone number?

Yes, Transatel Mobile is able to transfer your current mobile phone number to your new Transatel SIM card. You can keep your current French, Belgian or Swiss numbers. To do this, you must return the compulsory information and documents with the signed contract to keep your number (as indicated in the contract).

How do I keep my French number ?

When subscribing, fill in the second page of your Transatel Mobile contract with the following information:

Your ‘Relevé d'Identité Opérateur' (R.I.O.)


This is a 12 character code composed of numbers and letters which can only be given to you by your current mobile operator. To obtain your R.I.O. code - call the customer care of your current operator by dialling 3179 from the mobile assigned to your current operator.

How do I keep my Belgian number ?

If you are currently a pay as you go customer, fill in the second page of your Transatel Mobile contract with the following information:

The mobile phone number you wish to keep
Your current SIM card number, as written on your sim card.

If you have a contract with a Belgian operator, fill in the second page of your Transatel Mobile contract with the following information:

The mobile phone number you wish to keep
Your current SIM card number, as written on your simcard
Attach a copy of the first page of your last invoice, with your necessary contact details written on it.
How do I keep my Swiss Number?

You must inform your current operator that you wish to leave, this can be done by texting ‘YES' by text to 499.

You must then fill out the portability from as provided by Transatel Mobile, completed and signed with your mobile number you wish to keep and the switchover date you want (as soon as possible or a then end of your current contract.

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